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Piggy Tales


Piggy Tales ist eine finnische computeranimierte Fernsehserie, die auf Bad Piggies basiert, einem Spin-off von Angry Birds. Die Serie wurde in einem Stil animiert, der einer Tonanimation ähnelt, bevor sie nach der Veröffentlichung von The Angry. Sprache: englisch Piggy Tales Collection - Season Piggy Tales Season 1 - Auf „Angry Birds“ folgen nun die boshaften Schweinchen, die ihre. Entdecken Sie Piggy Tales - Die komplette erste Season und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung möglich. PIGGY TALES. € Hinzufügen. ; ; ; Größentabelle. Beschreibung. Versandinformationen. KOSTENLOSER VERSAND AB € Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2: Piggy Tales: Schweine bei der .

Piggy Tales

Entdecken Sie Piggy Tales - Die komplette erste Season und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung möglich. Piggy Tales ist eine finnische computeranimierte Fernsehserie, die auf Bad Piggies basiert, einem Spin-off von Angry Birds. Die Serie wurde in einem Stil animiert, der einer Tonanimation ähnelt, bevor sie nach der Veröffentlichung von The Angry. Wo und wann läuft "Piggy Tales" im Fernsehen? Bisher keine deutsche TV-​Ausstrahlung. Ich möchte vor dem nächsten Serienstart kostenlos per E-Mail. He uses his tail as a corkscrew and removes the cork, only to use the cork to plug up the sick pig's nose. He tries several ways to get out, but makes a bigger mess of green and white paint. He changes his bait to different items, but has no luck. After a fourth pig comes and fixes the light, the first three pigs decide to party while it is lit anyway. Bankverbindung Bei Ebay Г¤ndern Blues Jake, Jay and Jim, rambunctious bluebird triplets with big ideas that wildly succeed or hilariously fail.

Or so it seems. Here are three streaming picks that capture the spirit of Christopher Nolan 's mind-bending masterpiece in their own way.

Watch the video. Get the Latest News. Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Terence, and The Blues need to keep the eggs safe from the pigs that will snatch them at any cost.

Meet Blues Jake, Jay and Jim, rambunctious bluebird triplets with big ideas that wildly succeed or hilariously fail.

Mickey Mouse takes on new adventures finding himself in silly situations in different settings. After wrecking their house during a chase, Tom and Jerry enter a race around the world where the winner gets a new fancy house.

When an island populated by happy, flightless birds is visited by mysterious green piggies, it's up to three unlikely outcasts - Red, Chuck and Bomb - to figure out what the pigs are up to.

Cruise into the crazy adventures of Tow Mater as you watch him be a fire truck, daredevil, import drifter, and even an astronaut.

Miss Red is being blackmailed. When she asks Sherlock Holmes for help, he connects her case to a series of jewel thefts and tells his assistant Jerry the Mouse to work with Red's butler Tom the Cat for the duration of this case.

When the galaxy comes under the threat of a nefarious space captain, a mechanic and his newfound robot ally join an elite squad of combatants to save the universe.

Following the events of the first movie, Surly and his friends must stop Oakton City's Mayor from destroying their home to make way for a dysfunctional amusement park.

Young teenager Jack Sullivan and a group of friends live in a decked-out tree house, playing video games, eating candy, and fighting zombies in the aftermath of a monster apocalypse.

Jon and Garfield visit the United Kingdom, where a case of mistaken cat identity finds Garfield ruling over a castle.

His reign is soon jeopardized by the nefarious Lord Dargis, who has designs on the estate. A not bad show. This show is pretty good not the best but it is good and the animation is also good.

Piggy Tales: The show shows the green pigs like the Angry birds but on a different show this show That includes the characters and the episodes itself to.

The show itself is small but usually has good plots and stories for each episode and it is good. This is a pretty good show.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Bad Piggies by Rovio Entertainment. Rovio Entertainment Cube Creative. A pig finds a trampoline with a warning sign that says not to use.

Regardless, he jumps for a while, but the trampoline won't move. Furious, he stops trying to jump, but then he notices his weight is stretching the trampoline downward, and then he is flung to the ceiling where he is stuck along with other pigs.

Another pig arrives, breaks the fourth wall, and it happens again. A construction pig climbs a makeshift spiral staircase to work on top of a tower of crates.

When he drops his hammer, another construction pig picks it up and swaps it for a hand saw. When the first pig returns, he is confused, but picks up the saw and climbs back to the top to use it.

He then falls from the tower along with the saw. A small spaceship lands next to the big pig and a tiny alien pig comes out of it.

The tiny alien pig conversates with the big pig, who then starts laughing, but then the tiny pig gets back in its spaceship and flies it into the big pig's mouth.

The big pig's eyes glow and it starts floating and flies off. Two pigs are on a seesaw, but one of the pigs is too big to move. The small pig tries various schemes to help lift the big pig up, mostly by attaching more and more rockets.

When he lights a whole array of them, the rockets fly up and all of them come crashing down in a big explosion, which finally sends both of them flying up in the air.

Note: The Pigs in this episode also appears as a cameo in Slingshot Tales. A pig pushes a button on a box, which makes a sound and then a crashing noise.

The pig finds this very amusing and pushes it several times until he gets bored. He walks around and discovers a bunch of pigs that have been smashed in on the ground.

Then he hears the sound and a weight from above almost smashes him. He dodges several of these, then chuckles, but then he got smashed in as another pig has pushed the button.

After that, laughing sounds can be heard. A pig poses in front of a wood-framed mirror. Then another pig arrives and calls the pig in the mirror over, who then leaves.

The first pig sits there embarrassed. A pig picks a rolled up tube of super glue. When another pig arrives, the first pig drops the tube and leaves but the second pig is attached to the back of the first pig.

Another pig comes and ends up attached to the pigs. More pigs do the same and they end up having to act like an inchworm to move around.

Two pigs are heading a soccer ball back and forth. As some opera music starts, a third pig wants to join in but is found in the middle.

He tries to increase his reach by standing on a stool, but it fails. Eventually he brings a cannon and shoots it up to try to stop the ball, but it brings down a piano and a pig, who then continues playing and singing the opera music.

A pig wearing a bucket for a helmet swings around a wooden sword pretending to be in a sword fight when he bumps into an anvil suspended in midair by a balloon.

At first he pokes around the bottom of the anvil but nothing happens. Then he stands on the anvil and cuts the string from the balloon but nothing happens.

Then the balloon falls on him with the force of the anvil and smashes him, and then pops. A pig finds a push button, this time on top of a crate.

After several attempts, he jumps on top and lands on the button, but the entire floor rotates at different angles.

He struggles to climb back to push the button several more times until the side of the crate with the button falls to the floor, causing the floor to go on different angles constantly, causing the pig to panic.

Eventually, the "floor" with the crate is the ceiling, and the pig, after regaining consciousness, giggled, but then the crate falls on him, causing the button to be pushed once more, and send the whole place spinning.

Two pigs take turns using a magic wand to transform each other into different objects and then back to normal.

However, one of the pigs transforms the pig into a mirror, and on the second waving of the wand, the spell bounces off the mirror and transforms the caster into an umbrella.

Two pigs take turns taking a deep breath and holding it, puffing themselves up to see which pig is bigger. One takes such a big breath that the other pig leaves and returns with a cork to plug up the first pig's mouth.

When the first pig starts floating like a balloon, the second pig uncorks the mouth, and the first pig deflates and flies around, landing in a splat.

The second pig drops the cork and walks away. Two pigs are hanging out by a crate. One of them nudges the other to play hide and seek , but after the first one does the count, the second one has not moved.

After several tries, the second one has hidden, and the first one is unable to find. After the first one leaves, the second one opens its eyes, having painted itself into the white background.

A pig pushes a button for an elevator, but neither of the two doors will open, despite the floor indicator arrow moving around and lighting up.

After several tries, both elevator doors open: one is full of pigs and the other is empty. After a little bit of thought, the pig begins to laugh, and he joins the elevator full of pigs.

The pigs find a pair of rubber gloves. The two bigger pigs play with them in all sorts of ways such as using it as a balloon, trumpet or pretending to be a cow or rooster.

The third pig inflates them and shows its actual purpose, but the first two pigs disapprove. Two pigs are sleeping. When the second one starts snoring, the first one tries to wake him up with all sorts of methods, but nothing works.

The first pig gives up and collapses, but when the second pig wakes up, he notices the first pig snoring, and tries to wake him up.

A slice of cake on top of a crate attracts two pigs who then don top hats, wigs, and moustaches to duel each other in a sword fight with their tails.

During the fight, the cake and crate split in two. D" [29]. A pig is playing basketball but stops to complain to the organist who is goofing around on the keys on a keyboard.

He bounces the organist, thinking that he can use him as a basketball, and throws him into the basket. A pig has a drippy nose.

A second pig brings a bottle of medicine, but is unable to remove its cork. He uses his tail as a corkscrew and removes the cork, only to use the cork to plug up the sick pig's nose.

After this, the first pig inhaled through his nose, swallowing the mucus and they both laugh. A pig uses a mallet to pound in some nails on a staircase, but the mallet makes funny noises.

He discovers another pig who has been making the sound effects with a microphone. He climbs the stairs with the effects and then jumps off, literally climbing into the air until he stops and then crashes to the ground.

The sound effects pig makes the sound for a ambulance siren. Two pigs try different tools to open a jar of orange jam.

Their last resort is dynamite, but the explosion ends up putting the two pigs inside the jar, with the jam splattered outside.

A pig fashions various contraptions out of open crate frames and motors in order to fly. Two pigs are playing hexapawn. When the first pig makes a move, the second pig has a hard time figuring what to do.

When the first pig gets bored and turns around to whistle, the second pig rotates the board around. The first pig is now puzzled. A pig cuts a hole in the floor to go ice fishing , but his first few casts bring nothing.

He changes his bait to different items, but has no luck. After using the hand saw, he loses the bait, but then the saw blade appears and cuts a hole around where he is.

A pig gets his tongue stuck on a giant snowpig. Two pigs find a wishing well but do not know how it works. A third pig comes by with a bucket, and tosses an apple into the well, and soon a bunch of apples fall from the sky and into his bucket.

The two pigs try this with a hammer, but then must dodge the hammers falling from the sky. One of the last ones falls on a pig who then falls in the well.

The sky then darkens and at the same time, the only remaining pig stares up into the sky and starts to panic. A pig finds a sword in the stone but is unable to pull it out.

Other pigs join to help, but no luck. A little pig comes and pulls it out. The other pigs celebrate and take the stone.

The pig who pulled out the sword looks dejected and leaves, tossing the sword aside. The pigs clean up and put away the props of the first season.

A pig notices a smudge on the camera, and cleans it with a sponge. He is the last one around so as the lights go out, he opens a door and leaves.

A construction pig tries to keep a nail in a wall from sticking out while he sleeps. Two pigs are hammering in a nail when the lunch horn sounds.

As they eat, they discover another pig about to saw off the beam they are sitting on. One of the pigs eating lunch offered him a chainsaw to speed up the sawing.

The pigs use balloons to fly over to each of the screws they have to install. But when one of the balloons pop, they start descending at a rapid rate and must find a way to drop their weight.

Two pigs try to build a tall structure using boxes, but one of the pigs has been pulling the boxes from the bottom to bring them to the top.

The pigs try to build something following an instruction sheet. A pig is working with a jackhammer , but is heading towards a cliff.

A second pig tries to warn the pig, but the first pig is wearing headphones. The second pig builds a bridge, but the first pig turns around.

Cracks form and the second pig falls away. A pig is building a race cart, but does not want to use the rocket, suggested by another pig. During the race, the first pig's cart starts to fall apart, leaving him short of the finish line while the pig with the rocket whizzes by for the finish.

A pig literally paints himself into a corner. He tries several ways to get out, but makes a bigger mess of green and white paint.

Another pig inspects the mess, but likes the artistic decorations. Three pigs compete in a game show to fetch hammers suspended from the ceiling.

The first pig builds a staircase with crates, the second pig stacks wood planks, but the third pig does nothing. As time is about to expire, the third pig pulls out a TNT crate and detonates it, sending himself up.

The hammer is gone and the host announces the winner, although he does not return. A pig has a hard time hammering in a nail, so when he tosses away his hammer, it sets off a Goldberg machine -like chain reaction.

The pigs need a screwdriver, but the toolbox is on a block out of reach. They use a magnet to try to pull the box over, but it begins to pull everything else as well.

A pig falls into a crate and emerges in the frame of a robot. He tries to be useful in his job, but with not much help. The other pigs assemble and make a robot and they give each other a high-five.

A mayor pig holds a ribbon cutting ceremony for a newly built structure, but when he cuts the ribbon, the structure collapses.

The pigs celebrate anyway as they move onto the next structure and it repeats. While three pigs are working on their construction projects, a light bulb for the area flickers and goes out, leaving them in the dark.

It lights but goes dark again. The pigs take advantage of the dark to goof off until the light is on again in which they show they are working.

After a fourth pig comes and fixes the light, the first three pigs decide to party while it is lit anyway. Two pigs and an anvil are on a wooden beam that is being lifted.

When the anvil shifts, the two pigs must scramble to balance. A black-and-white film shows a worker pig who fails incoming inspection by wearing a bucket for a hat instead of a construction hat.

Later, the pig is on an assembly line, trying to put parts involving a wheel and a board together. The conveyor belt goes faster with more parts until the worker is exhausted.

The scene expands to show a third pig taking the parts that have fallen off the belt and putting them back at the start.

A pig with a nail asks another pig to construct a dream house, but is not satisfied with the result. A pig draws up a 3D-model of a house, but finds it too hard to make.

So, the pig changes it to a simpler drawing and builds that. Two pigs build a bridge across a gap. Other pigs gather to see the progress.

When they finish, they head to the middle to celebrate, but the camera angle rotates to show the bridge sides do not actually meet.

The pig solves his by putting a plank down to bridge that last part. A pig can't open a lunch box. So, his co-worker builds an elaborate structure, when operated, causes a small crate to tumble over to knock the lunch box open.

A pig discovers he and his stuff are glued to the bottom of a building beam high above the others. After some wiggling around and bumping into the other objects, he falls and is freed, only to land and getting stuck in a slab of wet cement.

A pig is evaluated for various construction skills. The pigs build structures much like the three little pigs : one made of straw, one made of wood instead of sticks , and one made of bricks.

When they hear the howling, they think it's the big bad wolf. So, they run and hide in the straw house, but it collapses.

Then, they hide in the wood house, but it collapses, too.

Register now. Magic Matchup. Gift Wrapped. Snack Time. Bouncing Buffoon. Step 1. The Wishing Well. Brückenbauen wie nie zuvor. Snowed Up. Schweineball Hog Hoops. Piggy Tales: Kurze Web-Trickfilme mit den grünen Schweinen aus „Angry Birds“. Artikelnummer piggy-tales. Sicher einkaufen. Kostenloser Rückversand. Hotline +49/(0)89/ Beschreibung; Weitere Details. Vorsicht: Dies sind keine. Piggy Tales 80% Baumwolle, 17% Polyamid, 3% Elasthan. Größe: EU Keine Auswahl. EU EU EU 9,99 EUR. Inhalt 1 Paar. inkl. ges. Wo und wann läuft "Piggy Tales" im Fernsehen? Bisher keine deutsche TV-​Ausstrahlung. Ich möchte vor dem nächsten Serienstart kostenlos per E-Mail. Begleite die gutmütigen aber schusseligen Schweine von Angry Birds zur Arbeit und finde in der urkomischen animierten Kurzfolden heraus, wie Pig City.

Piggy Tales Video

Piggy Tales - 4th Street - Mashup Ep21 - 30 Compilation Verdreht Screw Up. Eingeschneit Snowed Up. Der Hammer Up The Tempo. Teeter Trotter. Schnarch schön Snooze. Schwein Dr. The shipping costs are borne by the buyer. Manchmal braucht man ein Wunder. Piggy Tales

Piggy Tales Top‑Sendungen: Komödien

Up Or Down? Spieler Von Dynamo Dresden Nine-Nine, Season 6. Home Sweet Home. Stuck In? Tipping Point. Pig Interrupted. Predicament in Paint. Abschlussarbeit Final Exam.


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